Monday, 30 November 2009

Caption Competition - No 14

1st place:

Doctor: Nope, you still look old from here.

By Will - well done!

2nd place:

Doctor: Oh no. Oh. no.
Adelaide: What?
Doctor: I think... I'm going to sneeeze.

By Ayra

3rd place:

Doctor: See look, loooook, my neck is almost as long as a giraffe's.
Adelaide: Riiight...

By Seb

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Caption Competition - No 13

1st Place:

DONNA: Act natural!

By Meg - Well done!

2nd Place:

Donna thinks it's sweet that the Doctor has been reunited with Rose, while Martha tries a little too hard to be happy for him.

By Alia-Cat

3rd Place:

Donna: Do you really think that cheesy smile is gonna' scare the DALEKS off?

Martha: (Through teeth) Well it seems to be working!

Donna: (Thinking to herself) And this woman really qualified as a doctor?

By Steve Lee

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Caption Competition No 12

1st place:

Doctor: You don't talk much then, do you?

Rose: Just shut up and drink your drink.

By Alex

2nd place:

"Hmm, very nice pair of ... Think I'll just look a while longer" the Doctor thought.

"If he doesn't take his eyes off me soon I'll kick him where it hurts - see if he can regenerate THAT!" Rose mumbled.

By Ro

3rd place:

The Doctor: So... This is awkward...

By Will

Friday, 8 May 2009

Caption Competition No 11

1st place: Christina: Please Doctor, stop the pain!

The Doctor: Quiet Christina! I need to win this staring contest!

By iHeroes - well done!

2nd place: Doctor: "Jack, please put your clothes back on! You are scaring Christina!"

By MDWM - well done!

3rd place: Doctor: Oh no...

Christina: What is it?

Doctor: I forgot to pay my Tardis rent. My mum's gonna kill me!

By Patar - well done!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Caption Competition No 10

Thanks for the entries: here are the winners!

1st place:

'Jackson Lake thinks he's looking at a reflection in a mirror, when in reality he's staring at Davros on the monitor

"I didn't look like this when I went to bed last night!"'

By Ro Lean - Well done!!

2nd place:

'Jackson Lake tries his hardest to come up with a clever and witty caption for TOCS' caption competition.'

By Meg

3rd place:

'Jackson: I got it! I got it! Is it...A Dalek?

Doctor: I gave up playing this game of charades 5 minutes ago.

Jackson: Wait, wait, wait! Let me think!It's a...a...I'VE GOT IT!

Doctor: *sigh*'

By Ayra

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Caption Competition No 9

1st Place:
The Doctor, Martha and Jack only just escaped from the parallel Narnia...
Well done Will!
2nd Place:
Camera guy: Now, give us your SHOCKED faces!
By Meg
3rd Place:
Doctor: Right! We just stopped a haunted elevator from plunging innocent people to their deaths!
Jack: (sees an angry mob of tourists) Uh, Doctor?
Martha: Yeah. That, or we just ruined a group of thrill-seekers' ride on the Tower of Terror.
Doctor: ... Run.
By Alia-Cat

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Caption Competition No 8

1st Place:

Rose: Is that the new Doctor?

Doctor: Afraid so.Rose: But he's so ...

Doctor: Young? I was young once. Well, long time ago now.

Rose: D'ya think he'll be OK, you know, stepping into your shoes?

Doctor: (Grins) At least he's not ginger. Now that I couldn't bear!

By Ro Lean Well done!

2nd Place:

Rose: Doctor...That's Jack.

Doctor: They did warn me about the unexpected naked Jack...

By Meg

3rd Place:

Rose: "What the hell is that thing?!"

The Doctor: "I dunno, but it's ginger!"

By Sylar

Friday, 2 January 2009

Caption Competition No 7

Rose and Sarah Jane go shopping at DALEKS-4-LESS.
Rose: Well, the casing is very shiny... it's sturdy, durable... what do you think, Sarah?
Sarah Jane: Yes, it's very nice, but it hasn't got that classic plunger arm like some of the earlier models. Why don't we shop around a bit more and then make our decision?
By Alia-Cat Well done!
Rose and Sarah Jane really thought a bit of anger management would help this Dalek.
By Alex
Rose (to Sarah Jane): Ah ha! Found you Bitch!
By Will