Sunday, 5 April 2009

Caption Competition No 10

Thanks for the entries: here are the winners!

1st place:

'Jackson Lake thinks he's looking at a reflection in a mirror, when in reality he's staring at Davros on the monitor

"I didn't look like this when I went to bed last night!"'

By Ro Lean - Well done!!

2nd place:

'Jackson Lake tries his hardest to come up with a clever and witty caption for TOCS' caption competition.'

By Meg

3rd place:

'Jackson: I got it! I got it! Is it...A Dalek?

Doctor: I gave up playing this game of charades 5 minutes ago.

Jackson: Wait, wait, wait! Let me think!It's a...a...I'VE GOT IT!

Doctor: *sigh*'

By Ayra